Yellow Hub Welcomes Springtime with VOKA Metropolitan and Caroline Pauwels (VUB)

jeudi, 8 mars 2018
On Monday this week, Yellow Hub Brussels was an event partner of VOKA Metropolitan. Their spring lunch took place at Hotel Le Plaza, a beautiful location in art-deco style. The special guest that afternoon was Caroline Pauwels, rector of the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and chosen as « Brussels Leader of the Year » by the magazine lobby in December 2017.
Caroline Pauwels stressed how important it is to anticipate social developments, whilst staying true to ones values and principles. She illustrated her point by informing us that despite the recent trend in Northern European countries to use English as their main academic language, the University certainly does not intend to abandon their offerings in the Dutch language . In her opinion, to maintain cultural integrity, it is a question of « and-and ». And of course, dealing with so many languages daily ourselves and seeing the positive effects of maintaining a multilingual approach, we could not agree more.

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